Dan Wilf

— University of Vermont
“Hey! It’s Dan Wilf. Not sure if you remember me although I think you probably do.

It’s been so long since the trip and those days are still some of my most fond memories. I’m glad to say that I learned so much from that experience and am consciously trying to implement some of the principles learned in my everyday life…and I owe it all to you! I just hope I can get back out there soon.

I’m writing you this evening to inquire about that ‘Repaying the kindness of your mother’ (I think that was the title) meditation that we did. Since graduating from UVM I have relocated to Philadelphia. Among other things, I am a Yoga teacher here and I am putting together a Mother’s Day workshop with this as my intention. I remember this being such a powerful meditation for me while on the Wisdom tour, I was wondering if you had any resources, text, or more information about this meditation. I’m going to try to teach it to the class!

Thanks so much Jim, I really hope you and your loved ones are doing well..hopefully keeping warm in Vermont!”

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