Kari Jana Iverson

— University of Vermont
In October of my senior year at UVM, I was a bit regretful I hadn’t spent a semester abroad somewhere. I saw a flyer for a winter study abroad to India, hosted by Wisdom Tours (through Castleton). I was a bit skeptical – I knew I wouldn’t know anyone, and I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I signed up in a matter of days, and all I really had to go by was the packet I got from Jim. All of the pictures looked amazing. We left at the end of December and looking back, it was such a unique experience that will never be forgotten. Jim and Pema knew India like the back of their hand, which helped in making us feel comfortable in our unfamiliar surroundings. It was not only an academic trip, but a cultural and adventuresome trip as well. You cannot get a more hands-on learning experience. You learn about yourself, religion, other worlds and their cultures…and everything in between! The India Wisdom Tours trip is certainly something I’ll be talking about for a long time — all good things of course!

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