Kristopher Crown

— University of Vermont (now Grenada)
“I know that is has been two years since we last spoke, and you most likely don’t remember who I am. But I wanted to inform you of the significant impact that your trip to Tibet has had upon me. I still remember the first e-mail you sent me describing how the trip was life changing, and indeed it was. Upon returning home I felt different, liberated, and confident.

And I can earnestly say that my life has changed dramatically since my participation in Wisdom Tours and seeing and understanding the Buddhist Culture. Thus far on my journey, I became more active in school functions and activities at the University of Vermont; I added another minor to my college curriculum, Asian Studies, to which I also studied the Mandarin language; I was recognized on the Dean’s list in the School of Business; I graduated; and I joined the Peace Corps. I’m now stationed in the Eastern Caribbean in Grenada teaching information technology, and working with small and local businesses to increase revenues through tourism. There hasn’t been a day since I’ve returned from the trip which I have not thought about Tibet and my experiences there. It is because of my experience in Tibet that I have become the person I am today.

Therefore, I would simply like to express my gratitude for providing such an amazing tour. Thank you again!

Om mani padme hum”

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