Nikki Myoraku

— Lewis & Clark College
“My two weeks in China and Kham were absolutely eye-opening. I received an education in art, Buddhist philosophy, food, and language, and experienced the beginnings of immersion in two beautiful, graceful, and colorful cultures.

Each day brought new lessons in all of these areas. Although it would be difficult to identify my favorite part of the trip, one memory that remains vividly etched in my mind concerns the abundant variety of Tibetan Buddhist art that we saw.

During our time in Kham, we visited a new monastery nearly every day, where we would be greeted by a host of quiet, hospitable monks and led through room after room filled with glittering gold and silver Buddhist statues and thangka paintings. As an art history major and lover of art in general, I found these experiences both intellectually and aesthetically fulfilling, and consider them one of the highlights of my time in Kham. If you are thinking of expanding your travel repertoire with a trip to Asia, I wholeheartedly recommend booking a study abroad tour with Jim.”

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