Tim Shea

— University of Vermont
Traveling with Jim to India, China and Tibet were priceless experiences in every way. I can’t even describe how healthy it was to get out of the world I was so accustomed to for a chance to experience some of the most amazing cultures, religions, and people of the world. It is amazing to see how much can be learned about a place by being completely immersed in its way of life and getting to know the people who live and practice there. It was impressive on both trips to see how well planned and organized these distant experiences could be; we were frequently greeted and taken care of by distinguished locals who made us feel at home and taught us so much about their way of life by including us in it. I really can’t think of a thing I would change about these trips and I am so happy that I have learned so much about these unique cultures, hopefully someday I will do it again.

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