Yvette Yeager

Dear Jim — Just a brief note of deep gratitude. Our son, Josh Bassarear, just returned from Tibet with you and from what we’ve been privileged to hear so far, the voyage exceeds our expectations. He didn’t just go on a trip, he had an experience. Much of that experience deepened his awareness, understanding and appreciation of Buddhism. In other ways, the journey and YOU, sparked his interest in new ways of thinking about and perceiving people, happiness and impermanence. So many of the places, the guided meditations, the encounters with others (the monks, the debaters, the women doing pilgrimage, the children, just to name a few) opened him up in ways we, living in this country, never could.

Thank you, so much, for all the hard work, humor, and deep warmth you share with these kids. For Josh, it truly was a life-altering experience, that, I believe will play a significant part in his continued journey. 7/22/09

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