Ian Frisch

— Champlain College
“The one thing that I realized about traveling throughout India is that, no matter how hard I tried, the only thing that I could directly compare back to life in the United States were the french fries. It was like being in another world. Lead by the passionate expertise of Jim Hagan, the experience was not only educationally rewarding, but spiritually enlightening and anthropologically eye-opening. Diving head first into all things anti-tourism, being a student on one of Jim’s tours puts you in the heart of the culture, whether it’s picking tea leaves in the foothills of the Himalayas, kneeling front row in a Buddhist monastery in Darjeeling, or doing finger painting with a group of Indian children in Kolkata. The overall experience puts your body on sensory overload, and you love every single minute of it — any one of Jim’s tours should be a must-do for anyone who wants to experience another part of the world in the most effective way possible. Thanks Jim!”

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