Chris Helali

— San Diego State University
“Namaste! Tashi Deleg and Yassou Professor!

I have been thinking about how I would write an email to you and truly describe how my life has changed in just three short weeks abroad in the land of India. Words cannot conceptualize nor do justice to the part of me that now has a desire to learn so much more about Mahayana Buddhism and Hinduism. What a trip! I cannot stop thinking about it and wishing I was still there. I thank you for your continued guidance and support in opening our minds and hearts to the words of the Buddha and great Indian philosophers and masters in an endeavor to reach our own enlightenment. While many will stray from the path, I hope to continue on in my studies and I am looking at graduate degrees in Indian religions and Buddhism (emphasis on Tibetan/Mahayana). Thank you again professor and you will be a lifelong friend and mentor on the road to understanding both the outer and inner beauty of that entire region of India, Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. Respectfully and Sincerely, Chris”

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