Ray Gertler

I recently joined Jim Hagan and Wisdom Tours on a trip to Eastern Tibet. Jim’s leadership, expertise in Tibetan Buddhist culture, philosophy, and psychology, as well as his passion for Tibetan art was a hallmark of this tour and I want to highly recommend it to anyone wanting to explore Tibetan Buddhism, and Tibet in particular. Jim finds extraordinary places to explore, which truly present the culture and the richness of Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and art.

On this trip were about a dozen college students, many of whom were never exposed to Tibetan Buddhist culture through study or readings. I had the opportunity to witness the impact of the culture as well as Jim’s teaching on them. It seemed that all these students had extremely positive experiences with the exposure that Jim provided and it was noteworthy to experience their growing interest, enthusiasm, and curiosity, as the trip progressed. It was actually wonderful to experience their energy and appreciation of what they were being exposed to. On a more concrete note, Jim’s organization and his experience in living and traveling in Asia, allowed for a sense of security, comfort, and ease, as one navigated a very different culture, in a rather exotic part of the world. I would recommend this trip to both students and non-students eager to learn about this fascinating and deeply spiritual culture.

Ray Gertler, Ph.D
Licensed Psychologist
Bend, OR

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