Veronica Rarn

— University of Hartford
Dear Professor Hagan – “Thank you so much for all of your efforts in helping make this trip possible for me. It was more than I had ever expected and dreamed of. I am so blessed to have met and have learned from a professor like yourself. I learned a lot about my culture, religion and myself during the trip. It really has helped me grow into the woman I know I can be. Thank you for the push I needed. Though you may have not known how much of an impact you’ve had during the trip, I wanted to let you know that you have. Your passion definitely reached all of us in our individual ways. We are still keeping in touch with each other. Because of this trip I have pursued to take my learning experiences to another country. I really look forward into possibly taking another trip with you next summer. I hope you are having an amazing time traveling the world and teaching others your passion. You’ve made me realize my true passion in life and I’m grateful to have had the karma to have met you.” Akun chraan Neak Kru Hagan (Thank you very much Prof. Hagan in Khmer) — Veronica Rarn

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