Lynda Ulrich

I’d like to tell you how much your influence has shaped Liesl’s worldview and her sense of travel savvy after her 3 study abroad programs with you to India, Nepal and Cambodia. We have taken the kids all over the world to off-the-beaten-path places — happily gotten lost in the Andes for days without a map, spent time in the bowels of the IRA headquarters with leaders of that movement, worked with wildlife rehabbers in the Kalahari Desert — but after a certain point, teens stop looking to their parents for pearls and everyone else seems like the next Messiah. It’s lovely when those other people are persons who you WANT your kids to listen to. And you are certainly the kind of thinker/doer that we feel lucky to have met along the way.

In any case,.. Jim, I am not a worrier, but this mum will sleep far better for having met you. If Liesl spends a year in some of India’s most difficult places, knowing she’s had you as a mentor is a great comfort. What a great body of work you have to look back on. Strike the Superman pose Jim!… Really!.. You’ve done something extraordinary: You have helped many young lives feel like they could leap tall buildings in a single bound!


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