Ari Fishkin

University of Vermont
Hey Jim. I hope that you still remember me. I was on one of your summer 2008 study abroad programs to India and Bhutan. I wanted to reconnect with you and express my gratitude! The other day I was looking at the pictures I took on that trip and just really remembering how much I loved the whole experience. It’s been years already and I still think about the trip quite a bit. I got so much out of the program and it had such a beautiful and special impact on my life. You might remember that I have several friends from UVM who also went on trips with you. I’m still connected to these people and we often talk about how we all have such an enormous measure of respect and appreciation for you as a teacher. Your teachings and our interactions were a major part of what I loved so much about the trip. So I just figured I’d express all that to you since I’m feeling it so strongly! Blessings to you — Ari Fishkin.

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