Gianna Contillo

— Rhode Island College
“When I first saw the Wisdom Study Abroad flyer on my college campus that advertised the study abroad program to India 2014/2015, I immediately knew I needed to go on the trip. When I signed up I really had no idea what I was in for, but I knew I was in for something big, something remarkable, and something that would enhance my life for the better. Little did I know just HOW much this program would really change my life. I embarked on my journey to India with no expectations, just a curiosity and thrill for an adventure into the unknown. As a yoga and meditation student and teacher, I was beyond ecstatic to be entering the mother-land of the ancient practices that were already such a big part of my life. I had done 3 yoga teacher trainings prior to going to India, but no training can top the knowledge, insight, and experience that I gained while studying abroad with someone as knowledgeable and passionate as Jim Hagan. I showed up in India with so many questions. Jim is extremely wise, and truly loves what he does. Naturally, my curious mind moved a mile a minute with questions, every time I asked something, Jim and his guides shot an answer right back at me. The answers always hit somewhere deep inside me, I was not only gaining answers to all my questions, but gaining insight into the answers on a deeper and more spiritual level. Jim could not have chosen a better name than Wisdom Study Abroad because along my journey through India, I not only gained wisdom into a new culture and insight into myself, but a new found sense of wisdom that shifted my entire perspective of the world altogether. While traveling in India, I took so many photos, but the beauty around me was so captivating there were moments I just had to put my camera down, be present, realizing no photo can capture the essence of the true beauty that was before me in that moment. With Jim as our guide, I ALWAYS felt safe, he not only guided us culturally and intellectually, but taught us key insight to traveling abroad as we journeyed through India. When it comes to traveling, Jim knows his stuff, everything was 100% professionally planned, and ran perfectly smooth from Day 1 to Day 17. My experience in India has forever left an imprint on my heart and consciousness. If you are seeking an insightful experience of a lifetime, I highly recommend embarking on a Journey with Wisdom Study Abroad. You will gain cultural knowledge, insight into yourself, you will get to learn from one of the most knowledgeable professors Jim Hagan, have tons of fun, grow, create remarkable memories and friendships that will last you a lifetime!”

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