Our goal is to make your study abroad program one of the most profound learning experiences of your life — one that you will treasure for a lifetime. If you have an interest in history, art, philosophy, photography, anthropology, psychology, environmental studies, spirituality or Asian culture, consider a Wisdom Study Abroad Program.

Wisdom Study Abroad Programs give college students a rare opportunity to study and experience the ancient cultures and art of India, Tibet, Greece, Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand, Cambodia and China. We have been offering our international study abroad programs to students since 1999. Since that time, we have had thousands of students join us in small, personally led groups, to learn about these cultures with a global point of view.

Conducted by Castleton University faculty Jim Hagan and Shelley Warren, students can earn undergraduate academic credits during Winter and Summer sessions. There are no foreign language requirements. Financial aid is available to students who are currently receiving it.

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