Former Buddhist Himalayan Kingdom

Bhutan is one of the most extraordinary countries in the world. It has one of the most pristine natural environments and is considered one of the world’s hot spots for conservation and biological diversity. It is landlocked and separated from Tibet by the massive Himalayas to the north and the rest of the country is surrounded by Sikkim and India.

Bhutan is a devoutly Buddhist land. Similar to Tibet, monks and nuns are venerated by all and they still honor the centuries-old custom of having one son from every family enter a monastery. The monasteries, with their stunning architecture, are filled with treasures of Buddhist sacred art. They will be your classroom where you will study philosophy, sacred art and Bhutan’s Buddhist traditions. You will offer your services at a school and will be totally immersed in Bhutan’s remarkable culture.

The study abroad program begins in Kolkata, India, where you will study Hinduism and Jainism with visits to Jain and Hindu temples. You will study Buddhist art at The Indian Museum that houses a superb collection of Indian sculpture. In Kolkata, you will receive lectures from prominent Jain and Hindu scholars.

You then depart for Darjeeling, a once former British hill station. In Darjeeling, your studies turn to Buddhism, with visits to a few of the area’s most important monasteries. We then depart Darjeeling on a spectacular mountain drive through lush tea plantations and small villages to Bhutan. In Bhutan your study of Buddhism continues as you explore some of the most beautiful temples and monasteries in the Tibetan Buddhist world including Tiger’s Nest.

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