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Since time immemorial, Tibet — Land of the Snows, has captured the imaginations of many an adventurer. It is the earth’s highest ecosystem and one of the most astonishing cultures in Asia. For centuries, Tibet remained closed to westerners due to both physical and political barriers. Since the inception of Buddhism in the 7th century, the Tibetans have dedicated themselves to its peaceful non-violent teachings. They created a society based on the realization that true everlasting happiness has nothing to do with materialism. The most respected individuals are the enlightened, not the wealthy. Simple monks and nuns are revered as heroes. The Tibetans built more than 6,000 monasteries where men and women sought to perfect what being human was all about.

On this intensive study abroad program you will explore the most important monasteries and temples — living museums with centuries of collected sacred art. Receive lectures on Buddhist philosophy and meditation from the abbots of two of Tibet’s most prestigious monasteries. Visit the studio of one of Tibet’s most renowned scroll painters and learn the timeless traditions of creating sacred art. A special highlight includes visiting the world’s highest monastery at the base camp of Mt. Everest.

During this culturally rich hands-on learning experience you will be totally immersed in Tibet’s rural and urban environments where you will study Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, art and culture. In Chengdu, where the program begins, you will explore and study Chinese Buddhist art and philosophy at 3 local Chinese Buddhist temples before you depart for Tibet.

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