A Wisdom Study Abroad Program is more than just studying in a foreign country — it is a stimulating intellectual immersion in some of the most fascinating cultures on the planet. Our programs offer a insightful hands-on experiences with many of the world’s oldest civilizations including India, Tibet, Bhutan, Cambodia, Thailand, China, Nepal and Greece. Our in-depth cultural learning experiences explore both the inner and outer environments of these fascinating lands so rich in history, culture and natural beauty.

We have established relationships with local people over three decades. You have the rare opportunity to study with local scholars, Hindu Brahman priests, Buddhist monks and nuns who share their personal knowledge and first-hand experience. As your guides and instructors, they take you into their temples, monasteries and sacred sites. To truly understand many of these ancient cultures, it is important to learn the timeless traditions of their religious, philosophical and spiritual traditions — an area in which Wisdom Study Abroad specializes.

We’ve lived it! We lived, studied and traveled extensively in these countries for many years. And we have immersed our students in these remarkable cultures since 1999! We’ve lived, traveled and studied in these locations for over 35 years. We have shared this experience with over 2,000 students from more than 150 colleges and universities.

Our programs are open to all students. There are no language requirements.

With constant changes in airfare and local economies, program costs vary from year to year. Please contact us for the current cost of the program that interests you.

Yes! If you have financial aid, you can use it for our study abroad programs. In fact, 50% of the students enrolled in our programs use financial aid to pay for their international study abroad program. Financial aid usually comes in the form of a student loan and is available to students currently receiving financial aid to pay for their education. Please check with your financial aid office at your college or university to apply for your student loan.

  • Reserve your trip online, using the reservation form.
  • Pay a $400 deposit via PayPal (accepts credit cards or PayPal payments).*

* We must receive your deposit in order to reserve your space.