Kham | East Tibet

Buddhist Paradise

Kham — Eastern Tibet is very different from other regions in Tibet. It is a unique and fascinating world unlike anything you have ever experienced. Kham resembles the Swiss Alps more than the high Tibetan plateau. It offers a variety of magnificent landscapes — subtropical low-lying jungles, high grasslands, deep gorges, thick forests, glaciated snow-capped Himalayan peaks, and the headwaters of many of Asia’s greatest rivers including the Mekong, Salween and Yangzi.

The region’s great charm is its people. Khampa men have always been the most religious and warlike of all Tibetans. Khampa women are distinguished by their elaborate coral and turquoise jewelry and 108 braids woven into their hair. Kham’s magnificent natural landscape and centuries of isolation have produced one of the world’s most spiritual people creating an atmosphere of magic and mystery.

Each day, your classroom will be a different monastery, temple, or artist’s studio. Study Buddhist art, philoshopy, and culture. Immerse yourself in Tibet’s unique culture during this powerful, hands-on learning experience. Enjoy this rare opportunity to learn and practice Buddhist meditation in many of these centuries-old monasteries.

This program offers you the rare opportunity to experience, first hand, one of the most fascinating cultures and Buddhist civilizations in the world. You explore Tibet’s most precious cultural treasure — its monasteries. You will study in these sacred power places filled with hundreds of monks and nuns dedicating their lives to the Buddhist path to enlightenment.

Althought Kham’s stunning natural beauty transcends words, the people of Kham will leave the deepest impression on you.

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Picturing Kham | East Tibet