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Land of High Mountain Passes

Ladahk is one of the most unique and awesome areas of the world. It is part of the Trans-Himalaya, a vast complex of mountain ranges between the main Himalaya range and the Tibetan plateau. Often referred to as Little Tibet, its topography is arid and lunar-like. Ladahk is dotted with centuries-old Tibetan Buddhist monasteries and forts perched high atop craggy mountain peaks. See the world’s highest mountain ranges — the Himalaya and Karakorram.

Explore ancient monasteries and experience one of the last places on earth where Tibetan Buddhist culture has not been disrupted. Ladahk is a treasure trove of sacred Buddhist art, especially Alchi, a great jewel of the Buddhist world. Alchi has one of the few remaining examples of Indian Buddhist art from the 11th century. Each day your classroom will be a different monastery or temple where you will study Buddhist philosophy, art and culture.

You will have the rare opportunity to learn and practice Buddhist meditation with the monks in their centuries-old monasteries as a powerful hands-on authentic Buddhist learning experience. You will volunteer your service at the Tibetan Children’s Village and School. You will be totally immersed in Ladahki culture during this study abroad program. One of the many highlights of the program takes place at the beginning of the trip when you visit the Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.Come join us on this fantastic journey into the remarkable world of Ladahk — with its moonscape terrain, ancient monasteries, and one of the most astounding cultures in all of Asia.

Our intensive Ladahk Study Abroad Program begins in India’s capital of New Delhi where we study Sikhism. Our classroom is the Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, New Delhi’s largest Sikh temple where we learn how Sikhism became a synthesis of Hindu and Sufi Islamic ideas.

We then depart for Agra where we study the world of Islam with a visit to the Taj Mahal — one of Islam’s greatest architectural gems. After Agra, we then depart on a spectacular mountain flight over the massive Himalayas to Ladahk where our program focuses on Buddhism. During this culturally rich learning experience in India we explore these ancient philosophies and religious traditions and learn how they are alive in India today.

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