Art History

Wisdom Study Abroad offers many courses dedicated to the arts. On our Greece program, the entire program focuses on art history and sculpture. During our Asian study abroad programs students study and learn the ancient timeless traditions of creating sacred art and how the art is used as a visual guide and source of spiritual inspiration. During these programs students study at artist foundries and studios to learn the process of creating sacred art and its symbolic meaning.

The Museums

Many of our art classes are held at some of the most renowned museums in the world such as the Indian Museum in Kolkata, National Museum of New Delhi, Chennai Museum, Royal Palace Museum of Tanjore, National Museum of Cambodia.

Past Meets Present

Students also study art at many living museums — centuries-old monasteries that house masterpieces of painting and sculpture and are still used today as houses of worship for the devout. Examples include Alchi Monastery (11th Century) and Shalu Monastery (14th Century).

Your Classrooms

Each day during the program one of these sites is the classroom where students have the rare opportunity to see and learn about many of the world’s most treasured masterpieces.